Available courses

What compels visitors to explore an exhibition inside and out? How can museums make their exhibits clear and accessible? We can often find the answer in engaging, inclusive, and memorable panel and label text. This course will offer expert instruction on the techniques and best practices used by museum professionals to write text and labels for audiences of diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 

We will examine writing and formatting strategies to produce components such as:

  • introductory and content panels
  • tombstone labels
  • wall quotes
  • other descriptive text

Sign up for this course to gain confidence in writing text for visitors from an array of backgrounds and experiences. You’ll build a comprehensive foundation in exhibition writing skills by designing text and panels of your own.

Spark curiosity! Contemporary museum teaching practice is evolving, centering the needs, interests, and curiosity of museum visitors. Inquiry-based learning is a pedagogical approach that invites learners to explore new content by posing, investigating, and answering questions. 

This course is great for:

  • emerging museum professionals interested in strengthening their teaching skills to support informal learning in art museums, historic houses, gardens, zoos, and similar institutions

  • pre-service or current educators from all subject areas interested in using object-based learning in more traditional classroom settings

Interested in bringing new talent into your museum? 

This course will cover a variety of temporary employment opportunities for academics and artists including internships, apprenticeships, fellowships, and residencies.

Sign up for this course to:

  • understand the difference between these designations
  • determine which is the best fit for your museum’s needs
  • learn about the requirements your museum needs to meet in order to hire for each of these positions

Don't know the difference between an ambrotype and a tintype? This course will provide an introduction to the ins and outs of working with photographs in museums, geared toward anyone who wants to increase their understanding of the proper care and keeping of photographs. 

Weekly topics include:

  • the development and history of photography
  • identifying photographic processes
  • preservation
  • digitization

Sign up for this course to:

  • gain confidence in identifying types of photographs and their approximate age
  • understand the conditions and materials most appropriate for storing photographs safely
  • learn techniques and methods for digitizing images